• Unclog your revenue stream.
    We bill, collect and fully fund receivables, all on your behalf.
  • Partners in growth.
    With our end-to-end solutions, you have more time to focus on what’s important – building sales.
  • Your custom account program.
    All for a cost that is often less than accepting a business credit card.
  • No loose ends. No weak links.
    Protection from the uncertainty and risk of the billing process.

Improve Cash Flow

Multi Service Bill Plus is not a factoring company. We pay you in full, on time, every time, for processed transactions.


Reduce Cost

Why deal with multiple vendors for the solutions you need? We can manage the entire billing process on your behalf, in your name.


Minimize Risk

We underwrite accounts, own receivables and integrate at the
point-of-purchase, guaranteeing payment in real-time.


Increase Sales

We make it easier to purchase from you or your network; encouraging your customers to buy more, more often.