Consistency and efficiency in the billing and payment processing.

Multi Service Bill Plus helps its clients minimize risk, improve cash flow, reduce costs, and increase sales through sophisticated, client-branded billing programs and related services.



Minimize Risk

Protection from the uncertainty and risk of the billing process.
  • Global underwriting services
  • Ownership of receivables
  • Fraud risk mitigation
  • Custom purchase controls


Improve Cash Flow

Unclog your revenue stream, without factoring.
  • On-time, guaranteed reimbursement
  • Custom reimbursement cycles
  • Flexible billing and payment terms for your customers



Cut Costs

Eliminate the need for multiple vendors.
  • End-to-end billing and receivables management
  • Virtual or card-based solutions fit seamlessly into existing sales-channel infrastructure
  • Your private label alternative to accepting high-fee credit cards
  • Costs that are often less than accepting a business credit card


Increase Sales

We help you focus on what’s important.
  • Electronic billing and payments
  • Purchase analytics and reporting
  • Custom data formats for A/P integration
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Scalable, global and proven system