Multi Service Bill Plus – What We Do

We offer end-to-end billing and payment solutions…all in your name.

Multi Service Bill Plus helps its portfolio of global clients minimize risk, improve cash flow, reduce costs, and increase sales through sophisticated, client-branded billing programs and related services.


Core Competencies

  • Billing

    Cutting edge billing technology designed with commercial customers in mind.

    The Multi Service Bill Plus system is truly flexible and unique. From customizable billing terms to a diverse set of formats and frequencies, we can mold to your specific requirements. This includes global capabilities with support available in multiple languages and currencies.

    Highlights of our billing capabilities include:

Flexible billing terms including 15 and 30 day with up to 90 day extended terms available
    • Multiple options for frequency of billing (ex. daily, weekly, monthly)
    • Online access to invoices
Electronic, paper or fax billing
A/P system data formats including EDI, XML, cXML
  • Underwriting Services

    Designed specifically to maximize credit availability and purchasing power.

    Multi Service Bill Plus has over 35 years of experience underwriting businesses for credit. We can provide automated and instantaneous scoring, electronic applications and customizable turnaround times as each project requires. Our approval rates reflect our commitment to flexibility in the underwriting process.

    We can also be flexible as to whether or not we own receivables on any given program or customer.

  • Point of Sale Integration

    Our goal is to make business easier for you or your sales channel partners, while enhancing your customers’ experience.

    The Multi Service Bill Plus system can integrate with your existing systems and processes. We specialize in creating efficiency in the billing and payment process through seamless integration with each client and/or merchant. This can include business systems, POS devices, online shopping carts and more. Many of our clients have a billing program accepted at a network of independent sales channel partner locations. We can bring consistency throughout these sales channels with real-time authorization of transactions and seamless access to level III data for billing and reporting. Existing integrations include ADP, SAP, Karmak and more.

    We also offer enforcement of purchasing controls and pricing with features including:

    • Industry-specific requirements for each transaction, such as: odometer reading, unit/VIN #, etc.
    • Audit and enforce customer, item and/or location-specific pricing, as well as rebates or discounts
    • Purchase order numbers with format, unique number and/or dollar amount threshold requirements
    • Minimum or maximum dollar amount per transaction
  • Transaction Processing

    Have a complex, demanding transaction environment?

    We are ready to meet any transaction challenge. Our system meets the needs of even the most demanding retail environments in terms of speed and system uptime.

  • Guaranteed Payment

    On time, every time.

    You or your sales channel can have guaranteed payment of every invoice whether or not your customer pays on time or at all. Multi Service Bill Plus offers custom reimbursement options and schedules. While many clients choose a reimbursement schedule that mirrors the billing terms provided to customers, we can offer early funding of receivables as well.

  • Collections & Processing

    Professional and courteous staff with specialized training in B2B collections.

    Multi Service Bill Plus offers a world-class, in-house collections and payment processing team. They focus on dispute management and applying payments at consolidated statement, individual invoice or line-item levels as required. Payment can be made via EFT/ACH, SEPA, online bill pay, check or wire.

  • Customer Support

    Support emulates each client’s values and brand experience.

    The Multi Service Bill Plus in-house, multi-lingual, global support team specializes in B2B transactions. Our team truly understands the needs of commercial customers. We have a highly trained, proactive staff that works hard to improve the billing and payment experience for all our clients’ customers. We also have dedicated representatives and customized processes for our clients largest, most important customers.

    Our goal is to provide you with superior support and service that will move far beyond your expectations. Our call center leverages advanced systems for call management, formal quality assurance processes and training programs, as well as IVR technology for routing of calls. You can rest assured that your customers will be treated professionally and with utmost care… all in your name.

  • Online Access

    Real-time, online access for all stakeholders.

    Multi Service Bill Plus offers user-role specific access to a program website that reflects your branding requirements. All stakeholders to a billing program, including customers, merchants or sales channel locations and clients, have access to information via the program’s unique website. Functionality includes the following:

    For client’s customers

    • Account summary page including available credit, outstanding balance and payment due dates
    • Access to billing statements and transaction details
    • On-demand reporting tools
    • Online bill pay
    • Payment advice submission for payment application
    • Dispute functionality
    • Account maintenance (credit line increase requests, user roles, etc.)

    For clients and/or merchants

    • Ability to query and view customer account summaries, specific invoices, and billing statements
    • Authorization request screen
    • Access to reimbursement & processing reports
    • On-demand reporting tools
    • Access to pre-defined reports
    • Customized URL and branded look & feel
  • Global Solutions

    Billing without borders.

    Multi Service Bill Plus currently operates private label billing and payment programs in 16 countries, with more being added each year. The always expanding list of countries currently includes the U.S., Canada, Australia, Mexico and many western European countries. In addition to these programs, Multi Service also manages its own proprietary trucking and aviation fleet card programs and processes transactions in over 200 countries.

    Because we are not a bank, we have the ability to expand into new countries and geographies quickly and efficiently. Multi Service Bill Plus can truly be a global partner in your billing and payment infrastructure.

    Our office locations include Overland Park, Kansas, Melbourne Australia and Rijswijk, the Netherlands. Through these locations we are able to offer multi-lingual and multi-cultural support in a variety of currencies. Even if your needs include custom systems by country, we are able to accommodate your cross-border, global needs.

  • Branded Programs

    All in your name.

    Our systems and all communications are designed to incorporate each client’s unique branding requirements (“private label”). We provide our systems and perform our services in your name. We offer streamlined programs that leverage core functionality and services as well as highly customized programs that account for complex processing requirements as well as nuances specific to your business.

    Working with a provider that can truly represent your brand in all communication with the customer is invaluable to building brand loyalty and trust.


For more information about Multi Service in general, please view our “About Us” page.